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Tom Brady gets tough questions from Guillermo!


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    The Trophy visited Bill Michaels Show today!

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    as we are 100 days away from the beginning of the 2017. US open . At Erin hills and now we got the that the cup is here and we've got to historian here in the championship
    was of the youngest of ten huge golf fan and and watched Arnold Palmer on TV all the time. Loved watching golf and then because she was watching golf I started watching golf and then playing golf. And better since then it's really been the greens up for me. Now Eric you're obviously a little bit younger guy as well but your the championship director here so. You've been meeting with the guys at Erin hills and it's been amazing to watch the transformation of this golf course . From the time that it first open when I had a chance to play it and then when everybody started to come out the simple we have to move that we've gotta lower this we've got to raise that. Tell me how the course is transformed over the last you know 45 years. Schoen as a pretty remarkable story when you look back at it this course started construction in 2004. So. He take that in perspective this is still very new golf course mom. With that B and set in 2006 and June they open up. So to us last year they celebrated their ten year history to think that is already US open comes golf course is pretty spectacular. Hobble with the golf course not only be an open for ten years has gone through some renovations on more many more so than maybe others but. I'm really since 2008 and even 2011 when we hosted the US amateur out here and Kelly Kraft or eventual champion when yet some of those big names playing towards peace of the world after Kennelly is. A lot of these up and coming players back in 2011. They had a chance or we had a chance the season the world's best players in that manner competing on the grant states of Aaron hill's and quite frankly the course held its around the course held up against that those. I held up against those competitors and nom -- win not too many changes were made since 2011 to prep for the 2017 USO and so. It's testament player mills has been able to do Zach crime making their superintendent has that golf course ready to go I think isn't on this warm weather that we're experiencing today. Arm but no not not too many renovations since 2001 US amateur and it's it's true testament when Aaron hill's been able to accomplish. Now this into Wisconsin has hosted majors before but this is the first time ever to host a US open correct that's right so the US senior open has been here with the US open has never been in the state Wisconsin's. Europe and spend here the US women's open is bent grass here is is Eric just mentioned the US amateur stand here but first time for the US open missed the 117 time playing so. I think I speak for everybody here to when I say it's about time right I got Bruins. Pretty excited you know I think everybody here ever the US GA were relates had to be back in the midwest for the first time since 2003. In the state or Wisconsin for the first time. So when his deepest that we've seen it happen before when is a city you can start construction because for those that don't know it is going to be a flurry of activity out of Aaron hill's . Of literally tents in a city being built within itself. Sure so this is about seven years in the making me originally
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    was already. At the moment lottery. About it. All the back from Green Bay paper today is like Merry Christmas . Merry Christmas . That the uproar about Barry no Marrero nobody. An accurate future worked. So oh well yeah Eric Joyce hit it makes you
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    Michael's here and I've talked about a time and again the big Dodge Ram bighorn. Echo Michael's you have talked about a time and again the Dodge Ram big warned that I got my Franz the Kaiser crisis center in Watertown. But it's that time a year so I'm doing the the wood pile thing stacking the one up in the garage. He ready for for the winter and it's still later said it sent to me of this thing is luxury inside a pickup truck . You won't take a look inside. It's got everything that you would need navigation heated steering wheel heated seats. AM at Bennett's got serious XM radio Indy come back here. It's got even a huge. Spacious interior as well. So everything you need right there in the Dodge Ram bighorn. And it's out of Kaiser crisis center in Watertown and a great people David his staff they take care of yet
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    Tue, 31 May 2016

    Join us August 2nd


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